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Jeff Romanowski

Jeff Romanowski created the Romanowski Method and is a certified neuromuscular therapist in the Paul St John Method. He treats and teaches people with the Romanowski Method in the US, Brazil, Spain Germany, England, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia.

The original interest in the work occurred over a period of a few months in 1992. A series of clients dramatically transformed from treatments with various techniques. The similarities in the visual appearance of the uncontrollable “shaking” would spark an interest in creating a technique that could be applied to begin the process of removing the hidden traumas stored in individuals from traumatic situations in their pasts. Opportunities to work in various cultures and in some cases extreme conditions would broaden the scope of whom the work could be applied to. And refinements of the technique itself would evolve with time under all the various conditions the work has been performed. Jeff maintains an interest in aspects of indigenous cultures and practices. He lives in a rural area of New England with his family.

Jeff teaches five workshops levels for people interested in deepenig their understanding  of the Romanowski technique. Please check the events calendar in the website for more information or get in touch with us.

See patients in NY, US

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