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Néverys Suárez En

In Madrid, Spain

Her journey began at the Spanish School of Traditional Thai Massage, where she obtained the certificate of "Expert" in this technique, then she travelled to Thailand for improving and experiencing from the true masters; there she meets Pitches Boonthumme, who would remind her of "The Non-Technique Technique" applied by Jeff Romanowski months before that in Madrid.
With more than 10 years of experience in body work, combining different techniques, from Shiatsu to Lomi-lomi, reflexology, Cranio-Sacral (Upledger Institute), Reiki among others and a search through the constant practice of the complete understanding of the being, Néverys puts herself at the service as a mere collaborative tool in helping the physical-emotional unblocking of the people that she attends.
The Romanowski Method is for her the most profound method of liberation that she can offer to those in need.


+34 667 95 91 31

Néverys Suárez En
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