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Santiago Ruiz

Santiago Ruiz is a Reiki Master and also has a professional background in theatre, performing, writing, music and audiovisual languages. He became interested in the Romanowski Method after experiencing a deep awakening of his whole being on a physical, mental, energetic and emotional level after a session.


Santiago has also developed a method for healing named “Theatre for the Soul” and is a member of the International Dzogchen Community. He spent several years travelling around the world in his quest for shamanic and healing experiences and learned about different pathways of ancestral knowledge, like Toltec, Mayan, Lakota, Dzogchen, Shamballa Buddhism, Shaolin Kung Fu, Reiki.... He took part in many shamanic sacred ceremonies, becoming a Sacred Chants singer for the Eagle Dance and being initiated as Ayahuasca shaman in its first level.


Santiago lives currently in Madrid discovering, day by day, the evolution of his own medicine through practicing it with himself and others, always learning.

In Madri, Spain.

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