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Balancing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.


People often tell us about a change in their lives after the session. Because, somehow they could release - during the application of the Method - not only the physical tension but also an emotional memory and thought patterns that were imprisoning them in repetitive and conditioned behaviors.

About the Method

The Romanowski Method is a body-mind therapy that combines breathing with pressure at specific muscular points. It allows the person to release memories of lived events that accumulate unconsciously in the form of fears, traumas, and conflicts, preventing to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. This work aims the removal of these fixations, printing immediate and effective changes on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.


Physical body feels lighter and more flexible and spatial orientation increases. 

Reasoning comes with less effort and attachments.  Details become more apparent. Comprehension  is clearer. 

Fewer worries about the future or the past and its consequences. Living at the present moment. 

Increases self-awareness. Confidence without doubt. Intuition increases. 

Becoming open for possibilities.
Taking risk without hesitation.

Reality is viewed with less filters. Less resistance to events. And feels more connected.

A sense of safety. Acceptance. Inner self worth reflects to the outside world.

Todos os vídeos

Todos os vídeos


— Valdirene Gomes, socióloga.                        

I had already done a few sessions of the Romanowski method, generally speaking, in all sessions, I had a sense of relief and that a lot of things had moved inside me. I felt this flow during every session.
But the last session was very special, it moved me wholeheartedly, it was as if I had released an emotional pattern that had been with me for a long time, that it was embedded in my body and spirit. Something really deep. It was a mixture of sensations, at the same time that I was releasing myself, I had a conflict, can I live without it? The session was giving me the release and the necessary confidence, yes I could live without it. It was liberating! A relief.


Sessions are available in the USA, Brazil and Spain. 

Jeff Romanowski

See patients in NY, US

Jeff Romanowski created the Romanowski Method and is a certified neuromuscular therapist in the Paul St John Method.
He treats and teaches people with the Romanowski Method in the US, Brazil, Spain Germany, England, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia.

Paula Gama

See patients in São Paulo, Brazil

She has always maintained a special interest in body therapies and found in the Romanowski method the perfect match of her expectations and desires about a body therapy that would create a real transformation and change in the people who received it, including herself.

Mariana Candeia

See patients in Itatiaia, RJ, Brazil

Formed in 1999 by Federal University of Paraíba, Mariana specializes in Gestalt Therapy focused on "Rescuing the Inner Child" and also in Psychosomatic by the Center of Existential Psychotherapy in Sao Paulo. 

Santiago Ruiz

See patients in Madrid, Spain

Santiago Ruiz is a Reiki Master and also has a professional background in theatre, performing, writing, music and audiovisual languages. He became interested in the Romanowski Method after experiencing a deep awakening of his whole being on a physical, mental, energetic and emotional level after a session.

Frederico Foroni

See patients in São Paulo and Cunha, SP, Brazil

Therapist graduated at the Dinamic School of the Energetic Psyche (DEP) and in the Romanowski Method of body therapy. Is a practitioner and teacher of the Osho Active Meditations and Bioenergetics for more than ten

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